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Taboos: Do They Still Exist In Today’s Society?

Gay marriage is still considered taboo by some people

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Tori Moses
January 24, 2012
Filed under Student Life

So much has changed in just the last couple of years it’s hard to imagine how different times are now from the 60’s and 50’s. We’ve had so many advances not only technologically but also socially. They way we live and our views have changed drastically. But are there still something’s today that we in our overly liberal culture find unacceptable?

A taboo is something that society finds unacceptable in daily life. It is usually something the majority of people find morally wrong. You wouldn’t think in our society where you can get almost anything pierced and where it is more uncommon for people not to have tattoos than to have them, that there would still be some things considered unethical.

We are the age of advancement in every sense of the word. But with the constant flow of new ideas and ways of think can we sometimes reject what we don’t know and are uncertain of, instead of rushing into it with open arms? Are we becoming less accepting of the things we are not used to yet?

“In general franklin is a very uptight town. Although people like to think they are accepting of everyone, nobody here really knows how to respect each other.” Says one anonymous senior, “ Everyone is constantly talking behind everyone else back and there is no direct confrontation. So I would consider anyone different from the typical stereotype to be taboo in our community. Gays, people with international beliefs and views, along with those who don’t dress the same way.”

“Well I guess it depends who you ask and where you ask it…for example in certain places gay marriage and just the concept of being gay are taboo, but people from other places are very accepting.” Says Junior Kasey Lynch

“I think a taboo in our general society would be incest or any relationship with a relative.” Says Sabryna Eastwood, “You’re family so I don’t know how you would be able to do anything with someone that shares your blood. It’s a bit weird. By anything I mean be physically attracted or stuff like that.”

Thought the times are changing, it still remains clear that something’s still remain taboo today. Will there be a day, sometime in the future, where everything and everyone is accepted? Or are there something’s that should never be accepted? It is ultimately your choice to view the world how you chose to but just be careful because if you are unaccepting of others, they could just as easily be unaccepting of you.


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