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Pros and Cons of Open Campus

FHS Students are keeping their fingers crossed in hopes for a new open school policy

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Maggie McDonald
October 1, 2012
Filed under School News, Top Stories

The student government is working on passing a open campus policy to be put in place by next year. But what exactly is an open campus and how will it affect you?

“We are looking to get open campus privileges for juniors and seniors next year” says sophomore student representative Megan Rogers, “We’re trying to see what we can get from the administration”.

“Right now, it looks like it will only be for directed studies during first, fourth, and last period,” says Rogers “so kids will be able to leave early, come in late and, go for lunch” That means for second and third period students will have to stay on campus.

But how will this affect you? Current juniors and sophomores will feel the greatest impact; they will now be able to go where ever they want, if they have their licenses.

The down side, kids might miss the first couple minutes of their second or last period class for not coming in on time. Not to mention, the administration will be scrambling to keep track of all these kids.

Granted, there will be restrictions on juniors and seniors if they have been doing poorly in class or are known to cause trouble. Expect this new policy to be a privilege. If this motivates kids to stay out of trouble, then the administration will be a winner, too.

“During lunches” says Junior Mikey Swift “we can have real food” Which may make Whitsons, the people who make our fancy food, a loser in all of this. If students decide to take their $2.75, excuse me, $2.80, else were then the irate head chef might complain to Mr. Light, again.

Students without cars or open campus privileges may pay someone to go and buy them food outside of school, devastating Whitsons’ profits while opening up a new market for FHS drivers.

Luckily if students decide to eat out during lunch, all lunches might have more seats. Maybe the decrease in juniors and seniors will mean that the sophomores will get the window seats.

“If we need to get something or we forgot food,” says FHS Sophomore Shannon Morrison “we just can go get” No more going to the front office and calling to ask your mom to bring you lunch or a paper left in the printer.

Also, no more waking up at six to get here by seven. If first period can be skipped, then students can get more sleep. Teenagers need sleep. Lack of sleep can worsen focus, memory, and can even lead to depression, according to Siri Carpenter of the American Psychological Association.

Not to mention, students can get extra time at home, if he or she has a directed study at home.

If you are a freshmen, just hope that the classes of 2014 and 2015 stays on their best behavior. The administration has the overall deciding power of this policy.

Have any suggestions for making the policy better? Leave a comment!

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2 Responses to “Pros and Cons of Open Campus”

  1. alyssa on December 4th, 2012 5:11 pm

    students deserve this not detention


  2. Jason on December 12th, 2012 2:45 pm

    no, we do not need this, we need to stay in school. Get educated, for our future families. We need to earn jobs because the chinese are taking them. GET SMART FOR WORKING ON THE FARM


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